Survey of our services

Our complex system of services provides quality support to our customers for the system operation and maintenance.

Technical project of IS PRYTANIS implementation

We will perform analysis and mapping of all corporate operations and processes of the customer and design the optimum solution. Thanks to the prepared technical project the customer can be sure even before the contract is signed that the information system they will receive will fully address their requirements. IS PRYTANIS implementation and project management

The new information system deployment will be quick, effective and fully compliant with the functionality requirements following from the performed analysis. The implementation will be assisted by a team of professional consultants led by an experienced project manager who will guarantee the whole implementation process for smooth information system deployment.

Financing of IS PRYTANIS

You can choose one of several financing methods, such as a payment schedule, leasing, outsourcing or subsidy drawing.

Support for operation of IS PRYTANIS

Within the system support framework, on the basis of an agreed contract, you will enjoy the full support of your supplier throughout the period of use of your information system. Our qualified experts will be available.

Software modifications to order

If you need to adapt the system to your specific activities do not hesitate to contact us and our programming team will perform any software modification to order for you.

Audit of use of IS PRYTANIS

Using your information system for several years and not sure whether you are using the potential of IS PRYTANIS to its full extent? Then do not hesitate to contact us and we will audit your system use and propose steps towards maximising the system’s possibilities.

Monitoring the operation of IS PRYTANIS

We offer monitoring of major features of servers running IS PRYTANIS by means of the Nagios server surveillance system. The system checks server the status at regular intervals and if a monitored parameter exceeds the defined limit then an alert is sent to the technical support of UNIS COMPUTERS who check the server status and provide a remedy. Thus we ensure that users of IS PRYTANIS can be sure their servers will be under constant supervision and most problems will be prevented. We save you time, money and worries.

Audit and proposal of IT infrastructure

If you are interested we can perform a complete audit of your software and hardware to provide you information about potential critical points of your IT infrastructure. A proposed solution of the criticality is an integral part of the audit.

Supply, installation and configuration of HW and SW

Delivery of the information system may include guaranteed supply, installation and configuration of all needed hardware and software by our company. Thus the whole delivery will be provided by a single supplier.