Introducing IS PRYTANIS

PRYTANIS is a complex ERP information system developed specially for transport, haulier, logistic and service companies. The Czech development team of UNIS COMPUTERS, a.s. has been developing and improving IS PRYTANIS for nearly 25 years, maintaining compliance with the currently valid Czech and Slovak legislation with special focus on transport, conveyance, logistics and service. The basic creed of the PRYTANIS information system is the provision of quality, quick and accurate information for company decision-making and management. The system reflects not only compulsory legislative requirements but also modern trends in information technologies.

A good manager should know the answers to the following questions:

  • Do you know the exact costs of your fleet operation?
  • Are you able to analyse the current economic standing of your company?
  • Do you have accurate information about your business partners?
  • Do you resolve your clients’ requirements quickly and flexibly?
  • Do you have a good picture of your goods in stock?
  • Do you know how much and into what you invest?
  • Are you ready for electronic trading?
  • Do you operate a system which does not hinder your growth?

If your answers are "yes”, then you certainly have a very good information system which you are satisfied with. If your answers include “no”, or you answer “I do not know”, then we are prepared to provide you our PRYTANIS system and with it solutions that will answer all your questions in the positive. IS PRYTANIS will provide you not only with current information for your company management but also with a fundamental information and decision-making platform for the further development of your company.

IS PRYTANIS is currently used across the Czech Republic and Slovakia (in Slovak language version) by thousands of satisfied users who appreciate the openness, flexibility and simple and transparent user interface of the system. Modular architecture allowing for tailoring the system to specific needs of the organisation by selecting the appropriate modules while keeping certain minimum given configurations goes without saying. IS PRYTANIS allows for connection to large accounting systems such as SAP, Dynamics NAV and others, thus permitting full use of high-standard solutions of transport, conveyance and logistics in large companies.

IS PRYTANIS meets all the requirements for modern information systems and forms a firm basis for the management and growth of successful companies.


introducing IS PRYTANIS