Module Orders

The module is designed for companies providing servicing to all types of vehicles.


The Orders module includes the following applications


The application is designed for order recording and processing. The application includes order placement, issue of order confirmations and order billing. Orders are classified into repairs, stock building, accounting orders, transport orders and other orders. Each group includes order types. The order type defines the way the order is handled, for example recognition method etc. The Orders application allows work with the following documents: work sheet (work ordered on the basis of a price list), advance, issue slip, return slip, receipt slip, general item. The Orders application also includes various order analyses. These include work progress record, list of revenues from billed orders, survey of hours worked per staff member etc. The order number is included in the ledger and therefore may be considered an analytical part of the account. All documents issued by IS PRYTANIS include an order number. The Orders application also allows for recording data of external vehicles, such as chassis number, engine number etc.

Price List

This application is used for defining the prices of works in the context of required works ordering and work sheet entry. The price list is divided by (vehicle) type into groups and subgroups. Each item of the price list is part of a group or subgroup. The price list includes for every item the price for an in-house partner (a centre of the company), the price for an external partner and work time load.

Repair Log

The log is used to keep a record of all repairs of in-house vehicles. The application is used by both transport staff and service staff.

The application includes two parts: 

Repairs - a repair log showing a list of performed and required repairs of the vehicle whose registration number is entered for the specified period of time.

Service - a survey of requirements for repairs by the respective service shop.

Car Wash

The application processes work sheets of the car wash and bills the car wash orders. The works are entered in the work sheets from the price list. The application also includes various analyses such as a survey of the number of car wash travels, a list of car wash related costs of in-house vehicles.

Tyre Storage

The application is used for tyre storage record keeping. The application includes the following functions:
New storage - entry of a new record of tyre storage with the option of a link to the Orders module.
Printing of a slip confirming that the tyres were received for storage.
Correction of tyre storage data.
Tyre release from storage. Printing of document of tyre release.
Survey of tyre storage data - viewing data of stored tyres.
Survey of the tyre storage - editing of tyre storage dial.
Connection to the Orders module allows for tyre receipt to/release from storage directly on entering a new repair order.