Module KYBOS reporting

The reporting tool allows for quick and easy creation of your output data sets. The tool includes a tool set for set creation and transparent data outputs.


Module KYBOS reporting application

An application in which users can edit print templates over the supplied data sources. Experienced users can create their own data sources using SQL language. The access rights system can grant users the right to start or edit individual reports or their groups. Outputs from the sets can be easily exported to standard formats (PDF, XLS, HTML, PNG …); set definitions can be exported and backed up or transferred in files.

Print robot: is part of KYBOS reporting and is used for automatically starting the created reports. A task may be created to every report with the following settings: parameters for the started report, report output format (PDF, XLS …, the path and the file name for storing report results or addressees to whom the email with the report result is to be sent. Tasks thus created may be grouped. This allows for generation of several reports at once by a single button press or automatically.