Module Human Resources and Wages

This module maintains all personal and wage data of the employee. It is consistently protected by a system of access rights of individual users. History is maintained for all wage and major personal data.


The Human Resources and Wages module includes the following applications

Human Resources

In addition to basic personal data the Human Resources module records medical examinations, training courses attended, issued documents, driving licences, education level, family members etc. The module automatically alerts missed medical examinations and cyclic training.

Daily attendance

Employees are divided into centres according to their job descriptions. Data is only entered for employees with the required daily attendance record. The basis is automated data input from the ZPV in the Transport module. Further daily attendance records are filled out manually. Each entry is provided with a flag showing its origin. Calculation of the amount is performed on the basis of the price list and the entered hours on entry. Transformation to gross wages summarises the hours and amounts pursuant to the wage components and the daily attendance balance is drawn for the given centre. The action can be repeated. Print sets are available.

Monthly wages

Wages are processed in full compliance with valid legislation including periodic outputs for banks, pension funds, statistical office, health insurance and social security etc. Various individual ways of premium and personal bonus calculation may be set. Wages may be paid to employees’ bank accounts, in cash, by money order or into the Corporate Savings Bank application. Wages may be linked to any attendance system. Data is transferred automatically from the work sheets of the Orders application and records of vehicle operation from the Passenger and Freight Transport application. The calculated wages are automatically transferred to the Accounting application and payment orders to the Bank application. Wage analyses based on various aspects are available (or customisable), including record sheet compilation for pension schemes, detailed wage sheets etc.