Module Commerce

The Commercial module controls the company’s commercial activities. It resolves issues in the three areas of submitted orders, received orders and warehouse management.


The Commerce module includes the following applications


Allows for recording any material quantity in multiple warehouses. Any number of foreign language names and units of measurement can be defined for goods. Individual clients can be granted any number of discounts, goods price list, fixed (contracted) prices and delivery note print form. Price lists can be made valid for a limited period of time. In the case of receipt to storage the link to the order is used. Discounts can be divided to item (rebates, value, free goods) and documentary (rebates, value, free goods, refunds, discounts for early payments etc.). In addition to standard sale there is sale to order, vehicle, small asset sale, work tool dale, fuel sale (in connection with tyre record, small asset and work tool record, connection to automated pumping stations).


The Purchasing application (placed orders) addresses goods purchase issues. Order placement can be processed in connection with the terms and conditions of individual suppliers. It is possible to allocate another print form to every supplier, analyses of ordered, delivered and non-delivered goods go without saying.


Allows recording requirement sheets (received orders) from external clients or in-house centres (internal orders). Uses defined discounts or stock prices. Entered goods may be automatically blocked for the given client. There is also the option of goods delivery in stages and automated delivery note generation or print of cash receipt slip. Sales analyses by client, goods group or goods item.

General orders

The application is used for record keeping on orders of goods and services which might not come from the warehouse agenda. Orders can be issued for partners not included in the Business Partners application. It is possible to record their preliminary and actual price and currency. This application is not linked to accounting.

Filling Station

Fuelling in the in-house filling station is processed in the Filling Station application, which processes the fuelling output file and issues warehouse release slips for IS PRYTANIS (fuel sale, delivery notes). The output export file on fuelling in the entered period from external SW for filling station management must be prepared in the required data structure.

Business Cases

These serve for extension of information about business partner. Any type of business case may be created and individual negotiations and tasks following from them may be entered into them. Documents (in any format) may be attached. The full history of the business case until its closing can be viewed. Types of mail for the distribution of different information may be allocated to contact persons. Any quantity of information from various sources can be recorded with the business partner and used for example for supplier and client evaluations.